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Through the Halls of Darkness

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Fayoum and the Essenes

The Fayoum and the Essene Connection I've had 3 visits to the Fayoum now and each time has presented so differently for me.  This day became a day of peace, tranquil moments and gaining friendships.

My fascination with Fayoum is related to the knowing that it was a place of the Essene Therapeuti The Essene Therapueti were a healing peoples connected with the Essenes sect of Holy men and women of which the personality that we know as Jesus was one of them.  For me, this has nothing to do with religion but rather about connecting with that healing energy that many of them were so well known for and we certainly know that Jesus was indeed a powerful healer as was his mother Mary and his grandmother Anna (read Anna Grandmother of Jesus)

Some of the Essenes were very political, some very pious in their spiritual sense, some became the ones who started the Christian religion and many were very powerful healers and it is this connection I am drawn to remembering.

Wadi Ryan's Healing…

Thebes of the North

Thebes of the North and the Sarcophagi Gateway Imagine the stillness and feeling of peace within when you have found your balance, your unification with your true self; when you have passed between worlds and found the secret of Being. Imagine the feeling of love inside of you..............  

Just for a moment close your eyes and go within to your heart centre.  Breathe with no thought, just feeling.  Go deeper, breathe deeper; there is no room for thought because you are in touch with your own inner presence.  You are in touch with the Divine aspect of you.  This is a fleeting moment of enlightenment.  Imagine this state of being as the state you carry all of the time.  Imagine that............ and feel the love....

Look at the image above and be that within your own heart, your inner world, you own inner body.  This is truth, this is what true healing is.  You have been told, heal thy self and you have wondered and sought outside of you to find the way to heal those wounded pieces... …

Temple of Serapis

Temple of SerapisFor many years I have wanted to go to the Serapeum in Alexandria, but one thing and another it never happened and then the Serapeum in Sakkara opened and I thought I had it all wrong and that was the Serapeum I had been trying to get to.  Anyway, I have visited the Serapeum in Sakkara twice and while I had a wonderful experience it had nothing on my experience when the other day I made it to Serapis’ Temple at the Serapeum in Alexandria.  Yes, there really was another Serapeum in Alexandria and I had for whatever reason been directed away from it for some ten years.  I guess it is understandable with Egypt having so much to offer and so much to see and experience that my focus has gone elsewhere.
So, the 3rd February 2016 my love affair with Serapis was reawakened and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  The Serapeum in Alexandria is the remains of the Temple of Serapis and place of the Serapis Cult Centre, no wonder I felt so much love there. 

Was this place somewh…

Fire and Brimstones Infused with Love

Immersion of LoveTravelling into Israel has always been a sacred thing for me and I haven't been that keen to travel with other people just in case they have buried anger and I just would not like to take an angry team with me into such a Sacred place that already has enough instability going on.  This trip was no different and was to be especially sacred as we had a mission to place love into the area known as Sodom and Gomorrah. 

I remember my first trip to Jerusalem in 2006.  I had been into Syria and was carrying some upsets within myself and was adamant that I could not enter into Jerusalem with emotional imbalances, so I worked super hard every day before entering Jerusalem to balance out my emotions and make sure I did not take any wobbles with me.  In 2009 there was a team of three of on a special purpose but normally I seem to like to be there on my own sacred retreat.  2012 was time for something different and I put it out there to run a journey of Truth and only one pers…

Etheric Temple of the Ressurection

So, Linda and I finished our journey into Crete and like two explorers stumbled upon what I feel deeply within myself was the location of the Etheric Temple of Truth.  We were both happy with our trip and ready to fly off and into Tel Aviv and find our way to Jerusalem.  I had been to Jerusalem three times previous, but this time had a new mission and that was to seek guidance to new places and holding an intention that if it were possible to stumble upon where the Ark of the Covenant had been then maybe we too could be touched by that energy.   We visited the sites I normally go to, the Temple of Serapis being a favourite of mine located in St Anne's.  Remember I had the note with 180 names on it that were travelling with us in order to receive healing along the way energetically.  I also had individuals that I was doing personal Sacred Site healing for but to every sacred site we visited the 180 names came with us and I would stop to meditate for them and place the piece of pape…

All Set for the Temple of Truth

A Journey of Truth - Part Two
Arrival into Crete 
on 11.5.2012=30/3

We see again the 11 showing us that we are being guided by Spirit and the 30/3 represents the Holy Spirit. The 3 vibration is also that of my Soul and I have noticed that on these days I tend to do something extra special. Extra special today was entering into Crete; the very land beneath the Temple of Truth. My path is in service to you so I remind you here that what I share with you is for your healing as well as mine. Together we are one and what I do you do too and the healing I have myself achieved I know is also shared by you as you read this and that is my intention to share the Light codes that have come to me in order to share them with you. I am always very aware of the presence travelling alongside me of those who follow my work, but this journey more so than others I was ever aware of their presence. This gave me more incentive and more determination to make the most of every moment so I did not waste “your” …